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Introducing RCD Events Worldwide

Updated: Jan 7

In the present age where remote work is more prevalent than ever before, new challenges have emerged that open doors for face-to-face events. At RCD Events Worldwide, we specialize in providing comprehensive strategic planning services for incentive trips and meetings across the globe - from small executive retreats to large flagship events.

The dynamics of today's work environment have changed drastically. Finding, retaining, and motivating top talent can be a daunting task for any organization. This is where adopting a curated event strategy comes into play. It helps set your organization apart from others.

A New Approach to ROI with Incentive Strategies

Consider this: what if you offered incentives not just to your salesforce but to your entire organization? It could pave the way to a whole new kind of Return on Investment (ROI). That's exactly how we approach our role at RCD Events Worldwide as partners with our clients. Having worked with various industries and a myriad of companies has equipped us with an understanding of different business models and goals which allows us to exceed client expectations every single time.

We pride ourselves in offering full pricing transparency, quick turnaround times, white-glove service to attendees and expertise stemming from decades of experience in event planning. When it comes to event planning - which is more science than art - we believe we've cracked the code!

The Value Proposition of Partnership with Us

Due largely to our strong global supplier relationships and industry know-how, we can often provide documented savings for our clients that surpasses their investment in our services! Group site selection and hotel contract negotiations are always complimentary services that we offer and can be provided as a stand-alone service.

We use 'partnership' quite generously when describing our relationship with both clients and suppliers - because that's what they are to us, partners! Together forming one team geared towards creating memorable experiences while achieving measurable results through unique strategies tailored specifically for each client based on their individual needs.

Our staff members aren't just hired hands; they're fully vetted professionals who bring passion along with years of experience focusing on delivering nothing short of exceptional experiences during each planned incentive trip, event, or meeting.

If you're seeking ways to increase sales volumes within your company while simultaneously promoting employee retention all wrapped up within an organizational culture everyone would love being part of, then partnering up with us here at RCD Event Worldwide would be a step in right direction!

We would love the opportunity to bid on your RFP.

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