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Recognizing Unsung Heroes: The Importance of Appreciation in Event Planning

In the fast-paced world of event planning, where every detail must align seamlessly to create a memorable experience, it's crucial to take a moment and appreciate the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes. At RCD Events Worldwide, we believe that showing gratitude is not just a gesture; it's a fundamental aspect of successful event management.


Building Appreciation into Your Event Budget

One of the key principles at RCD Events Worldwide is recognizing and appreciating the hard work of those who contribute to the success of our events. We understand that events are a collaborative effort, and everyone involved, from hotel staff to our own team members, plays a vital role.

Gratuities are a significant part of our event budgets, carefully calculated based on the size of the group. To ensure no one is overlooked, our staff maintains a running list throughout the operation of the program, noting the first names, last names, and departments of hotel employees who go above and beyond their duties.


Creative Recognition for Outstanding Performance

A creative way we express our appreciation is by empowering our Convention Services Manager (CSM) to organize special events, like a pizza party, to reward entire departments such as bell staff, housekeeping, or housemen. This not only acknowledges their hard work but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among the hotel staff.

It's important to note that many positions, including Convention Services Managers, rely on gratuities to supplement their income. While hotels often charge a service fee, it doesn't necessarily go directly to the dedicated individuals providing exceptional service. During pre-planning, we make it a point to ask about the distribution of service fees, ensuring that our appreciation reaches the deserving hands.


Marriott's Gold Key Program: A Highlight of Appreciation

One standout element in our appreciation efforts is Marriott's Gold Key Program. This program allows us to honor non-managerial hotel employees who consistently go above and beyond. These unsung heroes receive more than just a pat on the back; they are compensated with a cash reward from the hotel, a prestigious gold key pin, and internal recognition.


Look Beyond the Spotlight: Recognizing the Unsung Heroes

While front-facing employees are often recognized for their contributions, we encourage a broader perspective. True dedication lies not only in the spotlight but also in the unnoticed efforts of the unsung heroes within the hotel staff. At RCD Events Worldwide, we actively seek out and appreciate those individuals who quietly contribute to the success of our events.


In conclusion, building appreciation into event budgets and having a well-thought-out plan to recognize hotel employees is not just a good practice; it's a testament to the values that define RCD Events Worldwide. Let's not forget to express our gratitude to those who make our events truly exceptional. After all, a little appreciation goes a long way in creating lasting partnerships and ensuring the success of future endeavors.

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